Spider- Pest Fact

Pest Fact Sheet – Spider

  • Common name : Spider
  • Scientific name : Varies according to sub-species
  • Identification :


    Scytodes (200 over species found in Singapore)

    Picture (shown: Scytodes Thoracica or Spitting Spider)



    Size (Adults)

    3 – 6 mm

    Body shape

    Abdomen slopes downwards, carapace slopes upwards towards rear end. Has eight legs

    General body colour

    Brown with flecked pattern of spots


    Has six eyes instead of the normal eight. Silk glands located on the head-breast part

  • Pest Behavior
    • Females carry eggs in a net of silk under their bellies
    • Can be found near or inside houses occasionally
    • Most spiders in Singapore are generally harmless unless provoked
  • General Control Habits/Safety

    • Identification
      • Spiders actually prey on other pests like flies etc
      • Spotting of webs around house – check corners and dusty areas, wherever other pests might be found
    • General Control Techniques
      • Common treatment methods include spraying
      • If bitten by spider, please seek medical attention immediately
      • Call ORIGIN to inquire about exclusion methods
    • Prevention
      • Practice better hygiene – keep areas clean and free of food and drink spillages
      • Fill out all cracks and crevices in walls and floors
      • Remember, if your house is generally pest-free, spiders won’t have anything to prey on!
  • Glossary

    • Carapace – Upper section of the exoskeleton

    • Flecked – Marks/dots with small patches of color

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