Nasutitermes (Subterranean Termites)- Fact

Genus: Nasutitermes

  • SUBTERRANEAN TERMITES (Nasutitermes)Identification : Adult soldiers are characterized by dark brown to blackish-coloured head colouration. They do not have a visible mandible. Instead, they have a nasute head that draws out into a beak. A chemical secretion will be released from the nasus when they are disturbed.
  • Nesting Habits : Nasutitermes belong to the group of higher termites (Termitidae) of which many species are arboreal and nest on or above soil level. Some species are also known to be mound builders.

  • Food Preference : Depending on species, Nasutitermes generally do not feed on structural timber. They build dark mud tubes and prefer to feed off the sapwood and bark of trees.

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