Microcerotermes spp (Subterranean Termites)- Fact

Species: Microcerotermes spp

  • Identification: Soldiers have long, rectangular heads with long slender mandibles which are generally saw-toothed on their inner margins.
  • Nesting Habits : Numerous nest types – either underground, small mounds or arboreal. For arboreal nests, the actual nest is attached
    to the tree but a soil connection is maintained via galleries running down the surface of the trunk
  • Food Preference : Microcerotermes spp. are known as wood-feeding higher termites, often nesting on and attacking live trees or damaging crops and structures. In trees, they have been
    found to tunnel into and form cavities at the live sapwood of the roots and stems. Water collects in the hollows and results sooner or later in the introduction of fungal heart rot.

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