Hornets- Pest Fact


Common name

There are three types of hornets in Singapore

  • Lesser Banded Hornet
  • Greater Banded Hornet
  • Yellow-Vented Hornet

Scientific name

  • Lesser Banded Hornet (Vespa affinis indonsinensis Perez)
  • Greater Banded Hornet (Vespa tropica leefmansi Van der Vecht)
  • Yellow-Vented Hornet (Vespa analis analis Frabricius)



Lesser Banded Hornet

Greater Banded Hornet

Yellow-Vented Hornet


Size (Adults)

20 – 25 mm

Approx. 25 mm

15 -20 mm

Body shape




General body colour

Dark brown/red head

Black abdomen with vivid orange stripe covering the front half

Dark brown/red head

Black abdomen with large vivid orange stripe

Dark brown/black head

Black abdomen with large yellow stripe


Smoky brown colour

Dark pigment fades towards the wing tips

Dark, but mostly transparent


Dark brown legs

Dark brown legs with a slight fade

Dark brown/Black legs


  • Live in social colonies like their relatives, the Honey Bees
  • Each colony contains workers, males and a queen
  • Have a lance-like stinger and unlike bees, they can sting repeatedly when disturbed
  • Omnivorous – feeds on nectar and sugary solutions like honeydew and other fruit juices, but partially ingests caterpillars to feed their young


1. Inspection

  • Hornet nests can be found in trees, gardens and sometimes, jungle areas
  • Don’t normally disturb humans, but some nests have been found near residential estates and buildings
  • Hornets can be mistaken for wasps or yellow jackets so observe their flying patterns – hornets ‘flop’ around whenever they fly

2. Storage
  • Please store fruits and sugary drinks in the fridge or in airtight containers
  • Remove spilled/spoiled food products from storage areas and replace torn or damaged storage containers immediately

3. Disposal 
  • Make sure all items are disposed of with care to prevent infestation
  • If an item is infested, do not approach! Hornets can become violent when provoked

4. Cleaning and maintenance 
  • Empty and clean the storage area and shelves completely with a vacuum cleaner and hot soapy water
  • After a thorough cleaning, spray area with citrus extract, which can repel hornets


Vivid – Distinct in colour

Omnivorous – Species that eat both plant and animal matter


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