Globitermes spp (Subterranean Termites)- Fact

Species: Globitermes spp.

  • Microsoft Word - (2)Microsoft Word - (3)Identification : The soldiers are recognizable by their rounded heads and the single median tooth they possess on each mandible.
  • Nesting Habits : Globitermes spp are mound builders that nests outdoors.
  • Food Preference : Globitermes spp generally do not feed on structural timber. They prefer to feed on plants and trees outdoors.
  • Behaviour : Globitermes sulphureus is sometimes referred to as "a walking chemical bomb" (Oster and Wilson 1978), Globitermes sulphureus soldiers defend their colonies by intentionally rupturing their bodies to secrete a sticky fluid that captures both the threat (ants, for an example) and the soldier itself. The soldier has large mandibles that it is very capable of using for defence without "exploding". In cases of extreme excitation, the soldier grabs the attacking ant in its mandibles and ruptures its integument thus immobilizing both ant and termite (Bordereau et. al. 1997).

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