Coptotermes spp (Subterranean Termites)- Fact

Species: Coptotermes spp.

  • Coptotermes spp. Identification: Coptotermes spp. soldiers have “tear drop”-shaped heads that are rounded on the sides and tapered or narrowed towards the front. They also have a fontanelle (frontal gland pore) on a slight tubercle (very short tube) towardthe front of the head. They will emit a white, mucous-like secretion from their fontanelle when challenged. Their mandibles lack teeth.
  • Nesting Habits : A mature Coptotermes spp colony may contain up to 350,000 workers. They establish their nests outdoors. Even so, they have a habit of building secondary nests above ground if a constant moisture supply is available.
  • Food Preference : Coptotermes spp are voracious feeders of wood. They are a threat to buildings as they forage within to feed on the wooden floorings, skirting,
    built-in furniture, etc. This species of termites is also
    known to feed on live wood in trees.

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