Common House Lizards- Pest Fact

Pest Fact Sheet – Common House Lizards
  • Common name : Common House Lizard
  • Scientific name : Common House Lizard
  • Identification :



    Size (Adults)

    Approx. 7.5 – 15 m

    Body shape

    4 legs covered with rows of lamellae which enabled them to climb

    General body colour

    Brown, upper surface of body covered with small granules


    Tail will regenerate if detached

  • Pest Behavior

    • Preys on other insects like flies, mosquitoes, as well as spiders
    • Commonly found in urbanized areas
  • General Control Habits/Safety

    • Identification
      • Mostly active in the evening, but can be found during the day
      • Check for droppings on walls, floors and tables – house lizards excrete brownish pellet-like droppings
      • If you keep cats or dogs, monitor their behavior (large pets tend to chase after lizards)
    • General Control Techniques
      • Call ORIGIN and a technician will assist you
      • Common treatment methods include trapping
    • Prevention
      • Dispose of garbage in a thoughtful manner (this includes tying the bag securely and immediate disposal)
      • Practice better sanitation and hygiene habits
      • Leave food in air-tight containers
  • Glossary
    • Lamellae – Plate-like structure in an animal
    • Granules – Particles of a specific size

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