American Cockroach- Pest Fact

Common name

American Cockroach

Scientific name

Periplaneta Americana 




Size (Adults)

Approx. 7 mm

Body shape

6 legs with extended antenna, body is segmented into 3 parts, oval and flat.

General body colour

Reddish brown with yellowish margin on the body region behind the head 


Large pair of compound eyes with 2000 over individual lenses


Adults have wings. Nymphs are wingless


Can run at speeds up to 5.4km/h

Pest Behavior 

  • Excellent scavengers
  • Preference for moist areas, but can survive in drier areas with water sources
  • Feeds on decaying organic matter and fermenting foods
  • Lifespan of one year, females can also produce up to 150 young

General Control Habits/Safety

1. Identification
  • Spotting of eggs – American cockroaches have long, brown, purse-shaped eggs
  • Potential habitats – cracks, basements, manholes, hidden corners

2. General Control Techniques
  • Call ORIGIN and a technician will assist you
  • Common treatment methods include gel baiting and spraying 

3. Prevention
  • Practice better hygiene – keep areas clean and free of food and drink spillages 
  • Fill out all cracks and crevices in walls and floors
  • Proper clearing of rubbish (this included tying the top securely and immediate disposal)
  • Glossary

    • Compound - Multiple

    • Nymphs – Young/Immature cockroaches

    • Fermenting – Process where yeast converts complex foods into simpler

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